Our Professional Services

Professional services of NexG Asia Pacific include Professsional Project Implementation Services, Solution Consultancy, System Integration Work and development of turnkey Document Process Automation solutions that allow clients to take advantage of new technologies and thrive in the new digital economy. We also provide outsourcing services for document scanning management, Hosting services for NexG solutions. Call us for consultation at 65-98521339.

FleetnexG Transportation Technology Consultation

FleetnexG is “THE Transportation Technology” built robustly for logistics and distribution. The FleetnexG technology is applicable to many industries. The platform of FleetnexG can be used to customize Cloud Mobile applications specific to your requirements. Call us for Consultation and we will be glad to work hand in hand with you, custom made to your environment.

Enterprise Input Management

Industry sought after Input Management Strategy is now a reality through NexG advance Enterprise Input Management Solution. Document Input Automation without human intervention help organizations save up to millions of dollars with immediate Return of Investments. Processes are streamlined with optimum efficiency and effectiveness.

Enterprise Output Management

Imagine the most presentable document printing, document eDelivery, and Digital Document Repository, with ease of design and dynamically changeable by user. Intelligent Enterprise Output that is interoperable with industry ERP is easily available through ease of use and design Output Management Solution by NexG. Document Process Automation is a breeze.

Document iCapture

Document iCapture is the advance Scan and capture that work with workstation or built into renowned MFP (Multi Function Printers/Copiers). Incorporating hardcore metacapture features and workflow, advance and user friendly form designer, Capturing Documents line items features and document filtering are key highlights of the latest Document Scan technologies.

Enveloping Management

Host to post is TPS’s mail management strategy that enables the complete automation from source data print to reconciliation in the Mail enveloping solution. From sorting to grouping documents to be processed and automatically inserting into right size and right weight of envelopes with full integrity reports through close loop, allows insurance, banks, and companies with high volume of outgoing mails to be automated and reaping huge savings through the sort and group mail optimization automation strategy.

Document Process Automation

Using the latest state of the art Process Automation engines, TPS provides end to end Document Process Automation that integrates with ERP, CRM, Supply Chain enterprise IT applications, encompassing document creation & design, multi-channel Input/Output document distribution, Enveloping Automation with a fully integrated online document viewing and archiving system.

Turn Key Application

TPS provides Turn Key Document process automation to suit every individual enterprise with unique customization using the latest programming platform.

Product Development

TPS develops our very own Scan, Capture, Workflow, Email management and Fax management solutions for paper intensive and precise detail line data capture. Only specialized capture system can provide the accurate data capture and data conversion, hence, the uniquely developed system caters for stringent data capture requirements.

NexG offers a proven and scalable set of professional services to help our customers deploy, maintain and enhance the Document Process Automation system.

Product Training

We offer a complete training solution for organizations of all sizes. Our comprehensive on-site instructor-led courses are designed to promote in-depth knowledge and understanding of the system, thus maximizing productivity and streamlining product launch.

Custom Forms / Solution Development

Our consultants can rapidly produce high quality customized solutions, forms, extensions or API’s allowing you to custom taylor the system to your working environment.

Development related services including requirements gathering & analysis, database design, web application development and technology training.


Implementation Services

Our consulting team leverages on years of regional deployment experience, best practices and methodologies for quick and successful implementation of Document Process Automation at your site. Activities include analysis of current information management systems, configuration and deployment of project, integration of the system into existing operating environment and configuration of related modules where required.

Document Process Platforms

Our document process automation engines integrate with host systems to compose document presentation, digitize documents and provide multi stream electronic channels communications. We also incorporate scanning capture where our consultants help companies scan, capture and index thousands of paper records into the system for storage and future retrieval.

We have a proven track record of success in integration and in importing or documents including

  • ERP such as SAP, Oracle, BPix, JDE , Odyssey and many more
  • Proprietary databases mapped to file servers
  • Collaborative systems including Lotus Notes and Sharepoint
  • ERP, ASP, CRM, SCM systems
  • Other document management vendor systems
  • Hard copy files
  • Envelopes Inserters
  • Customize Applications onto Multi Functions Copiers/Printers

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