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FleetnexG™ is THE Transportation Technology for logistics distribution with seamless document automation. Key features include Deliveries Tracking, PO Automation, Document Digitization, AP automation, Order automation. Vehicles Tracking, Vehicles services for both clients and suppliers.

Your GPS fleet solutions include the Satellite and the Asset Guard hardware. Our product suite can work with all vehicle types and provides timely data via your monitoring dashboard to manage your fleet more efficiently and effectively.

Our web-based fleet software provides you with an easy-to-use monitoring dashboard. Experience a 360 degree view of your fleet with near real-time data, giving business owners and fleet managers the ability to see the location, speed.

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IBM™ has always had a strong heritage of making substantive contributions to communities in which we work and live. Today, IBM™ continues to make strategic investments to deliver higher value to our clients. We are working with customers around the world to help them become cognitive businesses, by applying IBM™’s technology and expertise to unlock the value in data and uncover insight in every decision.

Our Products

  • Case Manager
  • FileNet Content Manager
  • Datacap Taskmaster Capture
  • Datacap Taskmaster Accounts Payable Capture

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Lasernet Input & Output Management

Lasernet ensures that the complex process of creating documents, defining the use of them and managing the destinations is simple.

In a world where complexity has a direct affect on the bottom line Lasernet allows you to spend more time concentrating on business rather than the process of input and output management.

Lasernet saves you money through better integration, ease of use and redeployment of development resources. Meaning you can deliver a better more efficient business process.

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Transform Output

Transform Suite is an enterprise class solution that automates and streamlines the customization and delivery of your documents as well as the filing and retrieval of them. Comprised of Transform Output Center and Transform Content Center, the suite provides dynamic formatting, personalization and delivery of native ERP output documents to transform previous costly design changes into simple tasks that can be implemented without third-party consulting services. In addition, it automates and streamlines the labor-intensive, manual processes of sorting, filing and retrieving your business’ most critical transactional documents, payments and related files.

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Other Products

NexG Document Process Automation systems are easy to use, powerful and cost-effective that allows companies to rapidly deployed and user friendly so that rolling out production with ease of maintainance is a breeze. It provides an easy to use, out of the box Advance System using the latest technologies. Our solutions are constantly evolving to be the forefront in the digital age.

Overview include:

  • Latest State of the art Document Process engines from Europe, UK, Switzerland with GUI based system
  • .NET Platform for complex scripting if needed
  • Mail Optimization Solutions that helps companies saves millions
  • Envelopes Inserting System
  • Robust Document Management with Version Control
  • Custom Document Profiling and Indexing Tools
  • Compound Document & Document Subscription Support
  • Full-Text Search & Metadata search tools
  • Seamless Integration with Scanning software
  • Hosting of software services if needed
  • Leasing available for acquisition flexibility
  • Low Startup Cost
  • Easy to Set-up, Administer & Support

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